Liz Wessel knows how to land a dream job. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2012, she scored a coveted position at Google. Then, in 2014, Wessel co-founded WayUp, a platform that connects companies and job seekers to help everybody find the perfect fit.

“We think of it as matchmaking,” Wessel tells CNBC. The methodology seems to be working: Job-seekers have a higher rate of success on WayUp than on other job-search sites. “Across other job search platforms, 2% of all job applications in the U.S. result in an interview, but on WayUp, 23% of job applications result in an interview,” says Wessel.

WayUp has over 3.5 million users and says it places 1 in every 3 applicants in a job. The company has announced that it has finished a round of Series B fundraising and has gathered nearly $28 million in venture capital.

Here are Wessel’s three best job-hunting tips:

1. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself

Be open to different types of opportunities,” says Wessel. Too many young people overlook the perfect role because they limit themselves. For instance, she has noticed that many recent grads who want to work in finance will only look at jobs in investment banking. “It turns out, there is a finance analyst position at every large corporation,” she says.

By searching a broad range of positions early on, you will be surprised by how well your skills and interests may fit a job you might never have considered.

2. Be flexible

Consider moving to wherever the best job is. “If you can be flexible on location, you should,” she says. Some of the best “starter cities” are in the Midwest, and New York City is far from the perfect fit for everyone.

“Being in a new and somewhat unfamiliar location can also help you learn more about yourself and immerse yourself in the new role,” says Wessel. If you move somewhere just because of friends or family, you may miss out on the perfect career opportunity, and getting too comfortable can be a career-killer.

3. “REAF” for the skies

When it comes to actually landing the job or internship, Wessel recommends that job seekers use the REAF Method.

REAF, an acronym created by WayUp, is a four-step method that breaks down as follows:

Show Enthusiasm
Ask questions

“Experienced people do these four things to nail an interview,” says Wessel.

Following these steps can help show that you are prepared and interested, and that will go a long way in helping you edge out the competition.


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